This page gives information about some of the speakers we have had

      Send a Cow - Change a families Future

    Contact details - Mrs Wendy Martin tel 01455 613348   Hinkley

     The speaker was Wendy Martin and her subject :Muck, Milk and magnificent Mangoes". Mrs Martin, an ex headmistress, decided on her retirement in the late '80s to devote her time to charity work. Following a talk she attended, she realised that help was needed in many parts of Africa. The atrocities which had taken place in Uganda , when 800,000 men were slaughtered, had left women and children with no source of income. An organisation was developed  - the Send a Cow charity whereby 25 pregnant cows were transported to Uganda to help fertilize the land and provide milk and produce many generations of cows. Her talk includes a power point presentation, a selection of visual aids and gives case studies of beneficiaries.

    Belly and Morris Dancing

    Contact details Maria Credali  01543 250756     Lichfield

    We have had this speaker twice. With both talks we were given the history of dance, with visual aids, actual costumes and demonstrations. We were invited to dress up and have a go, which was hilarious!

    The Ifakara Bakery Project

    Contact details  Eugene Schellengurg   tel 0121 458 5488   Birmingham

    This African project has enabled a community to bake its own bread, thus feeding the local population and providing employment. An interesting talk, given to raise funds for the project.

    Chocolate Heaven

    Contact details

    This talk gives the history of chocolate, and includes a demonstration. Make a chocolate basket and try the chocolate tasting fountain. Ends with a quiz - Chocolate facts, history of brands and flavour tasting. An informative and fun evening.

    If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen

    Contact details Carolyn Bailey 07888 753719     c.bailey244@btinternet .com

    Not a talk on cooking! A hilarious talk about her time as a young cadet in the police force in the 1970s. Highly recommended.

    West Midlands Hedgehog Rescue

    Contact 01922 419532  or 07837 409533

    An interesting and informative talk about hedgehogs - Recommended - local talks only.

    A Life Inside

    Contact details - Derek L Benton  0796 4627459   or 01538 722210

    An informative and amusing account of 25years of life as a prison officer. Recommended.

     The WI at War

    The fascinating story of the efforts, roles and undertakings made by the WI during wars and conflicts. The talk covers the inaugural period during the First World War right through to the conflicts today. A very interesting, illustrated talk. (Other talks available)

    Contact details - Jon Goodson 01785 814581        Vince Williams 01905 796270

    Charles II and the legacy of the Royal Oak

    Whilst on the run, following his defeat at Worcester, the future King Charles II hid in an oak tree on the Staffordshire/Shropshire border. It was later named 'Royal Oak' and unwittingly gave a name to a few pubs --and much more. An Interesting, illustrated talk. (Other talks available)

    Contact details - Joy and Alan Lewis

    Back to Back houses of Birmingham

    An interesting talk, of local interest. More information

    Contact details - Mac Joseph  01785 660214


    An illustrated account by Vince Williams of an emotional trek in the Karakoram mountains of Northern Pakistan to the base camp of K2. Undertaken in memory of a relative who died after accomplishing a feat never before achieved by any climber on this notorious  peak.

    An interested talk  - given in a clear voice.

    Contact details - Vince Williams 01905 796270


    Handcuffs to Hot Glass

    Another excellent talk by Caz Bailey, now retired from the police force and exploring the world of glass blowing and other methods of producing art work. A natural speaker with a wicked sense of humour!

    Contact Details: Caz Bailey 07888 753719