Programme 2017 - 2018


    May 18th - Resolutions +  Helen Bundy: Blood Bikes

    Competition : Something Red

    June 15th - Andrew Campbell: The Owl Experience

    Competition  - A Bird Ornament

    July 20th - Geoffrey Brooks- Confessions of an Ambulance Driver

    Competition - A model bee made from recycled materials, own design

    August  -  No meeting

    September 21st  - Kath Reynolds: Remedies from the past

    Competition - A remedy from your childhood

    October 19th - Ken Knowles: Town Crier

    Competition - Bring a bell

    16th November - Sue & Caron: "Cabbages & Roses" - Make a glass Coaster

    Competition - Your favourite coaster

    December 14th -"Cherry Wood"  : Poetry and Songs    

    Competition - A wrapped parcel, value £3


    January 18th - Ian Rogerson: Timeless Entertainment with full carvery

    Competition - A Cheese Knife

    February 15th -  Pat Hall: Life Can be Funny

    Competition - A funny postcard

    March 15th - Margaret Clarke: Are you Avrill's daughter - a search for birth   


    Competition  - Your own childhood teddy bear

    April 19th  -  AGM       

    Competition - The Jo Jackson Trophy